Regular maintenance of your car is paramount to your safety and the continued efficiency of your car. We provide a comprehensive car servicing that will ensure your car is in top shape no matter the weather or road circumstances. We work fast and efficiently to ensure that you can get back on the road in no time. As part of the service, we offer wheel balancing, steering alignment, MOT checks, timing belt replacement, oil and fuel changes and more.We provide a home start and collection service where your car can be brought to our workshop and repaired.


We do all checks including petrol and diesel emissions, headlight alignment and electronic brake testing. Our MOT Test Lane is identical to the ones in MOT test centres so you can be sure that your car is getting the most thorough check possible. If there are any problems we can make any repairs and adjustments needed.


If you suspect your car is suffering from a problem you can’t identify give us a call and we will check it out for you. We offer a wide range of car diagnostics including checking the airbags, ABS, vehicle stability, engine management and electronics. We will find the fault and make sure you can get back on the road as soon as possible. Call in for a free quote

Wheel Allignment

At A29 Garage Services, we have the new top of the range HawkEye Elite TD system which offers unrivialled speed and precision in wheel alignment.If you notice that your vehicle pulls significantly to the left or the right when you are travelling on a straight road, or if your tyres are wearing abnormally, then your wheel alignment may require adjustment, you should bring your vehicle to the A29 Garage Services to have your wheel alignment checked.

Parts and Accessories

It’s often the case that in order to keep your car in top shape you need to replace some of the parts. we carry a wide range of parts including wipers , bulbs ,batteries , engine oils and fluids at very competitive prices.Even if the car is in pristine condition you might want to enhance its visual appeal. We will present you with a selection of excellent car mods and accessories.


Tyres have a huge impact not only on your safety whilst driving but also on the longevity of the car and the cost of running (fuel consumption). We will make sure your tyres are up to the task.Worn tyres – we can offer you a wide choice including budget tyres at a very keen price.

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